Since 1996, we’ve been providing the tools, the technologies and the services that our clients need to be successful in the highly
competitive broadcast production and postproduction business. We will help plan your project, present you with a working script, arrange and carry out your interviews, film, post-produce and uplink your video.

1.Pre and post production (Audio and video )facilities

MPACE can help you with

  • Renting out the best equipment
  • Hiring skilled and experienced crew
  • Production and logistics
  • Non Linear video editing
  • Transfers and conversions
  • Video encoding
  • Media replication

2. Event management

3. Documentaries

4. Telefilms

5. TV Serials

6. Government ,SemiGovernment Films,

7. Corporate &Industrial films

8. Theatre production / Theatre Workshops

9. Television Advertisements

10. Press and Radio Spots/Jingles

11. Organizing film festivals and Theatre festivals

12. Art gallery, corporate gifts

13. Management(Product Launch, Road shows, mobile visibility campaigns et al)

14. Publication and Designing/Printing work

When you next consider your arrangements for the above given fields we would welcome the opportunity to understand your requirements and situations as we are committed to provide adequate ,prompt and high quality services. We would be looking forward with interest to share our experience and offer our services to your esteemed organization.